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Netherlands / Dr Congo

Lotte van den Berg & OMSK

Les spectateurs

Les spectateurs

«We think we need to understand life in order to live», says Lotte van den Berg. «But it doesn’t work like this. We already do live – and understand nothing at all.» The performances of this young Dutch director, who worked at the renowned Toneelhuis in Antwerp for some years, revolve around observation and perception. Now she continues her work with the theatre company OMSK founded in 2009. In 2010, she spent four months in Kinshasa with a group of visual artists, musicians and actors. Based on their journey from the Netherlands to Africa and back, «Les spectateurs» is a study in being foreign in a foreign place; an exploration of the need to belong and the necessity of finding ones own place. (kdi)

  • Theater Performance, Co-Production
  • Language


  • Duration

    75 mins

  • Looking for foreigners

    For the «Living Archive», the company expands at each venue, OMSK is looking for 10-20 Zurich-based foreigners, preferably from Africa but also from other countries, who are prepared to give interviews in which they share their experiences in Zurich. The interviews take place from 21 to 23 August. Should you wish to participate, please send an email to omsk@theaterspektakel.ch indicating your age and country of origin. We will contact you afterwards.