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Congo / Senegal / Burkina Faso / Benin

Andréya Ouamba & Cie. 1er Temps

Sueur des Ombres

Sueur des Ombres

What does it mean when people talk about their wartime experiences as if they were scenes from a movie? How can one continue to live with those traumatic memories one can never forget? Can one draw a line between the past and the present? For his latest work, the Senegal-based Congolese choreographer Andréya Ouamba has united six dancers from politically and socially very different countries – Congo, Senegal, Benin and Burkina Faso – with different biographical and artistic backgrounds. His characteristic language of movement and the strong physical presence of his ensemble create impressive images about life and the struggle with the shadows of remembrance. (esc)

Nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize

  • Dance, European-Premiere
  • Duration

    55 mins