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Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Ship O' Fools

Ship O' Fools

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are internationally known for their cryptic multimedia installations. In 2005 they transformed a part of the Kunsthaus Bergenz into a strange «Secret hotel». Now they run ashore Lake Zurich with their «Ship O’ Fools», a Chinese junk filled with a hotch­ potch of mysterious objects, rattling gadgets, automatic instruments and small illuminated miniatures. Their installation alludes to the Baroque allegory of the ship of fools: a bunch of frivolous fools aboard a ship without a captain drifting nowhere. The image is based on the eponymous satire by the humanist Sebastian Brant of 1494. Illustrated with expressive wood­ cuts showing humanity’s weaknesses and vices, it became an absolute bestseller of its time. Step on board Cardiff & Miller’s «Ship O’ Fools» and delve into a truly foolish world. Ship ahoy! (esc)

  • Walk-In Installation
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