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Arthur Kuggeleyn & Kosovo Ballet

O Zot! Oh my god!

O Zot! Oh my god!

«The piece is an outcry», says Arthur Kuggeleyn. The Swiss-based Dutch choreographer and theater maker, who has influenced the French-Swiss dance scene with his hypnotic trance dance, originally devised «Oh my god!» for the Ballet Teatro del Espacio in Mexico City. Now he has restaged it with the young and highly motivated members of the Kosovo Ballet in Pristina. Their incredible energy galvanised audiences in Kosovo’s capital. In Pristina, battered by poverty and war, «O zot!» has become an outcry of protest. Kuggeleyn’s haunting, strongly repetitive choreography set to Christian Meyer’s apt music, has been transformed into an event of beauty and power by the Kosovo Ballet. (kdi)

  • Dance, First Performance Abroad
  • Duration

    50 mins