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Mathias Balzer & Duri Bischoff

Das Zentrum der Welt

A Sunday stroll according to Gerhard Meier
Das Zentrum der Welt

Amrain is on Lake Zurich. And Amrain is, as the title of this creation suggests, the centre of the world. The «Amrainer Tetralogie» by Swiss writer Gerhard Meier (1917–2008) inspired the acclaimed set designer Duri Bischoff and the producer and dramaturge Mathias Balzer to create a theatrical installation for an audience strolling by. They set a movable and moving monument in honour of the great poet, who wrote world literature in the Swiss provinces. Acoustic resting places, performative images, small and large installations blend with the festival lakefront and conjure up Gerhard Meier’s poetic cosmos. The idle stroller will eventually find himself at a place where the sacred and the profane, the past and the present, the earth and the universe come together: at the centre of the world. (kdi)

  • Theatre Installation, Open-Air, Co-Production, World Premiere
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  • Duration

    90 mins