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Contact Gonzo

Contact Gonzo

Contact Gonzo

The four «movement guerillas» of Contact Gonzo make a casual, incon- spicuous entrance. This young, physically energetic company from Osaka have found their way onto stage via parks, station halls and art galleries. Contact Gonzo stands for a mix of contact improvisation and martial arts. It also refers to Gonzo journalism, a form of writing without any claims to objectivity, that was popularized by the American Hunter S. Thompson. Contact Gonzo do not tell stories but confront, rub against and hit each other. Jostling bodies leap into sudden attacks. It’s a crazy ride between tenderness and violence. Their performances have the intensity of a fight club. They surprise and bewilder in a consciously unstylish yet nonchalant way. A must for lovers of arresting moments. (SL)

Nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize

  • Combat Dance Performance, European Premiere
  • Duration

    35 mins

  • Post-Performance Talk

    Friday, 02 September, 22:15 hrs