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Theater Sgaramusch



Theater Sgaramusch, one of Switzerland’s longest-standing children’s theatre companies, continues to produce theatrical gems. In 2008, they had the audience on the edge of their seats with their pleasantly creepy rendition of Gotthelf’s «Black Spider». This year, Nora Vonder Mühll and Stefan Colombo are backed up by the Swiss singer and musician Simon Hari. Together they take us through an exciting, if at times confusing, maze of all the things one would like to do but mustn’t – because they are, as the title suggests, «forbidden». Should you dare disobey, the wicked King Punch pops up and hits you over the head. This king has to go! (kdi)

  • Children's Theatre
  • Language

    Swiss German

  • Duration

    60 mins

  • Age

    5 years plus