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Egypt / Belgium

Laila Soliman & Ruud Gielens

Lessons in Revolting

Lessons in Revolting

The young Egyptian director Laila Soliman and the Belgium theater maker Ruud Gielens were amongst the thousands of protesters occupying Tahrir Square in Cairo until Hosni Mubarak finally gave in to public pressure and resigned on 11 February this year. In April, they initiated an ongoing project in collaboration with activists in Cairo’s cultural scene. «Lessons in Revolting» incorporates current political developments and their impact on Egypt. Mini performances, videos, music tracks and interactive exchanges are combined to present individual perspectives in sharing those moments of resistance with the audience. Yet the project does not document or reminisce about these events. Rather does it show that the performance is part of resistance itself. Following its premiere in Cairo this August, the production will be presented at the Theater Spektakel. (esc)

Nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize

  • Multimedia Theatre Performance, European Premiere
  • Language

    Arabic, English

  • Duration

    70 mins.

  • Post-Performance Talk

    Tuesday, 30. August, 22:40 hrs