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Winners ZKB Patronage Prize 2011

The lizards have won!

On the occasion of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2011, the ZKB Patronage Prize as well as the ZKB  Acknowledgment Prize have been awarded for the 16th time. The international jury is impressed by the great artistic quality of all six productions nominated this year: «We have seen a young generation of theatre makers, who are passionately involved with an issue and have managed to find individual and original ways of artistic expression for their cause. Each of those works would have deserved the prize», the jury wrote in their final report. Nevertheless during the conclusive meeting, the decisions for the awards were made unanimously.

ZKB Patronage Prize 2011: Lagartijas tiradas al sol (Mexico)
The ZKB Patronage Prize of 30 0000 Swiss Francs goes to the young Mexican trio Lagartijas tiradas al sol (in English: lizards lounging in the sun) for their production «El Rumor del Incendio».

The jury: «Their approach to the Mexican guerilla movements of the sixties and the seventies is courageous and very personal. At the same time, the artistic realization is refreshing and playful. The company masterfully applies a multitude of formal means such as figures, masks, video as well as scenic and autobiographical material and combines them in a seemingly effortless way. The dramaturgical and symbolic structure of the play is precise and subtle and very effectively ends with the touching  monologue of Luisa Pardo.»

ZKB Acknowledgment Prize 2011:
«Especially Aly Sobhy's monologue – a fictitious speech to the military – convinced with its textual qualities. It is to be regretted that the voices of those two artists could only be heard indirectly here in Zurich. The jury finds it very questionable that they were denied travel permits because of their conscientious objection. Therefore, the contribution of Aly Sobhy and Omar Mostafa shall be honored in this way.»

On the occasion of the 32nd Zürcher Theater Spektakel, the ZKB Patronage Prize as well as the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize have been awarded for the 16th time.
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The detailed statement of the jury, the nominees and the members of the jury 2011 you find in the press release.
The winners: Lagartijas tiradas al sol.