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Final report 2011

An exciting, artistically varied programme, two highly topical focal points, an interested, alert and large audience,...

Winners ZKB Patronage Prize 2011

The lizards have won!



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19.-21.08.2011 | The Company N'Soleh from the Ivory Coast has brought the «Rue Princesse to Zurich.

19.-21.08.2011 | Sanja Mitrović in her performance «A Short History of Crying».»

18.-21.08.2011 | Joachim and Sebastian Bark in She She Pops «Testament»

18.-21.08.2011 | She She Pop und ihre Väter mit «Testament».

18.-20.08.2011 | Staff Benda Bilili.

18.-21.08.2011 | Circus by Kaurismäki: Race Horse Company from Finland.

Welcome to the Zuercher Theater Spektakel.

2010 | Toshiki Okada & chelfitsch: «Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner and the Farewell Speech».

2010 | Landiwiese Süd.

2010 | Zachary Oberzan «Your brother. Remember?».

2010 | Swiss made premieres: «sofort geniessen» by Tabea Martin & Matthias Mooij.

2010 | «Homestories»: Japanese director Toshiki Okada.

2020 | «Homestories»: Wang Jianwei.

2010 | Author and Africa specialist Al Imfeld at the round table discussion about «Postcolonialism and theater».

2010 | «Homestories»: Brasilian choreographer Marcela Levi talking about her work.

2010 | «Homestories» with Indonesian choreographer Jecko Siompo.

2010 | The «store» is open: Matsune & Subal

2010 | Haus am See Nr. 1: Nora Vonder Mühll and Julius Griesenberg with their «Kiosk a gogo» .

The venue «Haus am See».

2010 | «On the 12th night of never, I will not be held black» by Boyzie Cekwanas.

2010 | Newcomerin from South Africa: Ntando Cele premiered with her «Cypher Session».

2010 | Mapa Teatro: «Los santos inocentes»

2010: «Frustrating picture book for adults» by Kuro Tanino & Niwagekidan Penino.

2010 | Neville Tranter: «Punch & Judy in Afghanistan».

2010 | Cie MPTA.

Winners of the ZKB Patronage Prize 2010: the Japanese newcomers Faifai with «My name is I love you».

The Club.

2010 | Eugénie Rebetez in «Gina».

2010 | The Swiss-African Coproduction «Poiscaille Paradis (cel. 827 63 53)» von Fabrice Gorgerat und Cie Jours tranquilles.

2010 | Swiss made / Premiere no. 3: «Mapi-Land» of Kolypan.

Posters of the festival campaign 2010.

2010 | «La cérémonie» von 400asa.

2010 | Swiss made premiere: open-air production «La cérémonie» by 400asa.

2010: Landiwiese by night.

2010 | «Funde»: a scenographic installation, created by students of the Zürich University of the Arts.

2010 | Installation for the festival site, created by students of scenographic design from Zurich University of the Arts for the Landiwiese.

2010 | Audiance during an open air performance on the festival site Landiwiese.

2010 | Participants of «watch & talk» at their daily discussion.

ZKB Acknowledgement Prize 2010: Marcela Levi and Flavia Meireles for their performance «around the hole everything is edge».

2010 | Swiss made premieres: Mass & Fieber: «Geld und Gott».

Destination: Landiwiese Süd.

2010 | A Highlight: Wang Jianwei's «Welcome to the desert of the real».

2010 | Swiss made premieres : «Record» with Ueli Bichsel & Silvana Gargiulo.

2010 | Robyn Orlin: Daddy, I'v seen this piece six times before and I still don't know why they're hurting each other».

2010 | Bruno Vanden Broecke in «Mission» of the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg

2010 | «Chouf Ouchouf», directed by Zimmermann & de Perrot

2010 | «Gardenia» a masterpiece of Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke & les ballets C. de la B.


2010 | «Terima Kos», a choreography of Jecko Simpo about the life in Jakarta.

2010 | Drive-in at the kids concert of Schtärneföifi.

2010 | NY Tap Dance Star Savion Glover.

2010 | Amparo Sánchez.

2010 | Kopergietery: «Run».

2010 | Pichet Klunchun: «Nijinsky Siam».

Festival site 2010 | Nord by night.

2010 | Enrique Diaz, Cristina Moura & Coletivo Improviso: «otro (or) weknowitsallornothing»

The Werft

Photos of the festival 2011